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Sterling - Parker Ford I really enjoyed this story. It had interesting characters and I loved how it’s not your typical “werewolf meets their mate and has to face bad guys to prevail” story. It does have a bad guy but the main focus is on the main characters overcoming their fears. Parker already had a mate who he loved dearly and was murdered with a gun (fear of guns comes into play big time). Michael has a bit of an inferiority complex and doesn’t think he can get Parker or measure up to the dead mate. The part that really makes the story stand out? The gun/sex scenes. I’m not going to spoil them, but the scenes are awesome and unusual, which is a plus when I’m looking for a good read. I like to be surprised. I love how the use of the gun is incorporated into showing them getting over their fears and bonding with each other while also learning about themselves. However, if you don’t like guns, don’t get this book, the scenes with guns can get kind of intense for gun haters (learned this when my friend read this. She has a fear of guns so it didn’t end so well). Other than that, it’s an awesome book that exceeded my expectations of it and truly surprised me, making it even better. I would love to see more of these characters and to see how Michael and Parker continue to grow in their relationship and I will definitely look for more books by Parker Ford.