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Nazaryth - Lynn Hagen Now, I like Lynn Hagen's Brac-verse. I really do. But it's starting to get a little out of hand. There are now 5 series revolving around it with tons of books and more to come. And now the Fallen? It was an okay book. The problem here is that there is so much going on with this world that it's getting out of hand. By itself, the book isn't bad. It seems a bit rushed, not as good quality as some of her previous books. And while I do like the group of Fallen, I think tying them in with the Brac-verse is a bit much. I think if it wasn't tied in with the Brac Pack, it'd be a very interesting new series because come on, how many books are there about beings like the Fallen compared to werewolf or vampires? I would like to see more of the Fallen but I think the future quality of this series will depend on how Ms. Hagen chooses to involve the Fallen, whether in their own universe with minimal crossovers with the Brac-verse or if she will make them a big part of it. I'll keep reading the series but I wouldn't recommend starting this series without some knowledge of both her Brac Pack and Zeus' Pack books and teh Brac-verse. All in all, not her best work but not her worse either.