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A Wolf for Haru

A Wolf for Haru - Rebecca Brochu Blurb: When Haru, an outcast nature user, runs back into Saitou, the wolf-demon who betrayed him, after years of being apart sparks fly. The two have a long and complicated history filled with love and hate, friendship and treachery. Can these two overcome the outside forces that are determined to tear them apart in order to learn that the truth is not always what it seems? Can they piece back together the shattered remains of the relationship that once meant everything to them?

This was a nice little read. I thought it would have been better were it longer so more detail and development of Haru and Saitou's new relationship could be added. Also, the ending was a bit of a disappointment (lots of unanswered questions). All in all though, I enjoyed the story and I cannot wait for the sequel (hope there is one).