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Colby and the Little Wolf

Colby and the Little Wolf - Stephani Hecht While Colby and Tobias aren’t my favorite couple (my heart belongs to Shane), I do like both and was eagerly awaiting their story. When I heard it was getting pushed back 2 weeks, I was upset but I understood why the author pushed it back. I’d rather wait the 2 weeks and get a better book than get an inferior one earlier. That being said, I think she should have pushed it back another week or two. Why? The numerous grammar errors. At times it was difficult to get into the story because the errors would just jump out at me and distract me. Now, saying that, I am a natural editor. What I mean by that is that everything I read, I just naturally edit in my head (made reading Twilight difficult). There were so many misspellings, repeated words, incorrect names, weird sentences that didn’t make sense, punctuation errors, etc. It seemed to me like it hadn’t been edited (and if it had, it might be time to find a new editor). Now I’ll admit, I am a bit of an anal editor and even the littlest mistakes can bug me, but this was just painful. I had such a difficult time with this book because as soon as I’d start to get into the story, I’d run into a paragraph or two that had several mistakes and it would just stop me in my tracks. Or I’d have to stop and work out what a sentence was supposed to say compared to what was actually written (including figuring what names were supposed to be their instead of the ones used at times), which was extremely distracting.

Another problem I had was the length. Now, you can write a good book in a hundred pages and Ms. Hecht has that down to an art form. However, I felt that this one needed to be longer. We didn’t see a whole lot of the overprotective brothers or Colby and Tobias having to sneak around them. We were told it happened, but I would have liked to see them sneak out on an actual date, not just a sex session at the park. Another thing we didn’t see a lot of was how people treated runts differently. We heard about it from Tobias, but didn’t see much actually happening to him or Colby. And the big drastic measures? Happened in like 5 pages, which was anti-climatic for me. I was waiting for Colby and Tobias to come up with some big grand scheme to prove to their brothers they were meant to be together and could take care of each other, and I didn’t get it. Heck, if I were Russell and Thomas, I would be more worried about my brothers after what happened, not less.

Now, the last problem I had is more of a personal one (in that it goes against my mindset) and other readers may not agree with this. I had a problem with Russell going back to his old pack (Chris’ pack). I had him in my head as a big powerful Alpha, and to see that change…I get that he changed for Dalton and his cubs and I respect that and loved that he changed for the better in going legit. This though…in my mind, there’s a rule for good Alphas: once an Alpha, always an Alpha. A true Alpha doesn’t and can’t just shut that part of themselves off without something truly traumatic happening and even then it is still a huge part of them, and it was a bit jarring to see Russell do that. It’s especially odd to me since for a while, Russell’s pack refused to rejoin with Chris’ pack and now they’re going to merge because they were attacked? After all the crap they went through with the pack kicking them out for being gay? And just because you change the rules and say that you can’t discriminate against the gay members now, that doesn’t change people’s feelings or the way they treat you when the Alpha’s not looking. And after all the crap the guys went through, I would never return to that pack. I would rather go live with the coalition or find a new pack. And for Russell to do that to Tobias? I get that he needed to protect his family, but there were others ways he could have done so without returning to Chris’ pack. However, it now remains to be seen whether or not everything will work out with the merging of the packs.

Now on that note, I have to say, I loved seeing the true Dulla. She just became one of my favorite characters and seeing her like this helped save the book a bit for me. I also enjoyed the glimpse at the real Dominic, not the happy-go-lucky, ladies’ man we’d seen so far. I am now very eagerly awaiting his story.

Now onto judgment time. Aside from all these problems, I did enjoy the book and am eagerly awaiting the next one. It truly pained me to write this review since I love Ms. Hecht’s books, especially this series. But to me, this was her worst Lost Shifters book to date and what kills me is that it didn’t have to be. I think that if Ms. Hecht had taken more time with this book, even a week more, and not rushed to get it to her fans, it could have been much better. I’m a big fan and I would have waited for a better book with fewer errors and more details. I would still recommend this book, especially to fans of the series and to anyone who hasn’t read the series; I definitely recommend that you give it a shot. This one wasn’t her best work but the series is amazing and is worth the time and money. Don’t let this book fool you.

And on that note, I’m just hoping that the next book is much better.