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Embrace - Megan Derr Originally read June 1-10 2012
2013 update: Raised to 3.5 stars, since it's still an engaging story that draws me in

3.25 stars

I agree with the consensus. This is probably one of Megan's worst books, which is still pretty impressive. If this is her worst, her best must be astounding! (It is, I've read her best and better ones). I enjoyed the book but I agree, it wasn't her usual. I was thrown off by the switching points of view, which works in most of her stories, but didn't in this one. I don't know why exactly. I think part of it is that the story wasn't really designed for that type of storytelling.

Another thing that bugged me was the lack of connection. I didn't feel that connected to the characters and it didn't seem like the couples felt attraction to each other either. And if I were Stregoni, I wouldn't forgive Gille that easily. I get it, he went through horrible crap, but he treated Stregoni horribly while he supposedly loved him?? That's crap. He should at least have apologized, but he never even does that!!

Nevertheless, it's still a good book, just nowhere near what I've come to expect from Ms. Derr. I finished this book with the feeling that I missed something or like there was more to come, so hopefully she does write a sequel.