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Kit's Return

Kit's Return - Stephani Hecht This was another okay addition to the Lost Shifter series, but I wasn't fully happy with it. For one, though the reunion between Kit and Rico happens, there's only one scene between them where they find out that they're brothers, and that's it. Rico doesn't play any other role in the book, which from the blurb, I was expecting him too. Their reunion scene felt thrown in just to satisfy the reader's curiosity from the previous book where we found out Rico had a brother. We're also introduced to a whole new group of shifters in this book, which will lead to further books in the series.

Now, my biggest problem with the series is that it doesn't seem to be leading anywhere. A lot has happened in 28 books, but now it just seems to be getting a bit repetitive. I still enjoy the series, and it cheers me up every time I get to revisit old characters, but now that there are so many characters that there's no chance to revisit them all. Some, such as Mitchell, Shane, Carson, and Jacyn are frequently revisited, but when's the last time Vapor, Seth, Ranger, Colin, or Chance made an appearance? The problem with a series that gets so big is that it's difficult to tie the characters together. And yes, I understand it's a big coalition with lots of people playing lots of different parts. All I'm saying is that I grew to care for a lot of these earlier couples, and while I like the new ones too, most don't hold the same place in my heart such as Jacyn and Logan, Vapor and Andrew, or Shane and Trevor. While I would love to see more couples, I would also like to see the plot further progressed and more glimpses at past couples, maybe even books revisiting them now. After all, this series started 5 years ago, so a lot has changed in the LS world, so how has that affected these characters from way back when?

All in all though, I still love this series, and will be looking forwards to the future books. I just know that it can be better. Just look at the beginning books of the series for example.