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18% Gray

18% Gray - Anne Tenino
I absolutely loved this book! It was funny, entertaining, sexy, and a great read! I absolutely love Matt and James and their struggle to come to terms with their pasts and their feelings. And of course, I can't forget the other star here, Miz Horse! I thought Miz was a great addition to the story and she not only helped the main characters, but she was great comic relief.

I thought the world in Anne's book was very intriguing. It reminded a lot of Civil War era America, except the war was over gay rights instead of slavery. I found it very interesting and would love to learn more about it.
And the sex? H-O-T, HOT! I loved the sex scenes. They weren't boring or too repetitive, and they actually helped progress the story instead of just being there.to add sex to the book. They were well written and the perfect length, which I appreciated.

My one problem with the book was Beni. She was annoying and I get that the author added her to throw in a twist, but by the end of the book, I was glad to be rid of her. She'd stopped being funny and gotten more annoying to me. Also, the book has an open ending, which then leads into the next book I think.

All in all though, I greatly enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next!