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Again - Mary Calmes This was a sweet book. I loved the characters, the story, the ending. Loved, loved, loved it. So why just 4 stars? I did have a problem with how much happens in so little time. The whole book takes place in 2 days. And while I understand why the split happened, it seemed a bit unbelievable that Dante didn’t try to meet with Noah in six years. If I loved someone that much, I would go talk to them and try to fix things. Instead he stays away? I get that it was necessary for the story, but come on. Dante’s CIA. Spooks are notorious for paranoia and at the least, you would expect him to be secretly watching Noah or something. At least, that’s my impression of a CIA agent. And I would go after Beck or at least be more pissed at him for what he did. They both blew over that, when he was to blame for a big part of their problem. Anyway, aside from all that, the story was moving and cute and was a nice read. I love the dialogue between Noah and Dante. I found it humorous and evident of a long relationship (in my humble opinion). I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a cute, well done read.