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Dead Memory

Dead Memory - Lizzie T. Leaf I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

*WARNING! This review contains mild spoilers, so read at your own risk*

I love the world in the DEAD series. Each book adds more and more details to it and the paranormals just keep growing. Now angels, witches, shifters, and humans are joining the fray.

The overall plot is very interesting. Each book has a resolution to the conflict in it, but also lays the foundation for the overall plot in the series, the war against the demons and evil. Something that interests me is that this series is starting to have more and more ties to religion. Heck, David’s a vampire preacher who was saved when God sent him an angel. Satan and Beelzebub make appearances, they’re fighting evil demons, and David keeps quoting the Bible. In fact, Satan insinuates that vampires don’t go to Heaven, which I have a problem with. We have a cast of good vamps who fight against evil, yet they’re all doomed because of something that happened to them against their will? How messed up is that? Hopefully, future books will provide an answer. This book raises another question for me that I want to see answered. If vamps and shifters and demon hunters live so long, then what happens if they mate a human? If a werewolf mated a human, would the werewolf not age, but the human would? How would that work out? Anyways, moving on.

As for the characters, I liked David. He was an interesting character, a preacher turned vampire who never gave up fighting evil. I enjoyed seeing flashbacks to when he was human and was changed; it definitely helped me judge him character-wise. I will say, out of all the male leads, David is my favorite, though Bobby or Rahund just might replace him. As for Tawny, she’s probably my least favorite female lead. I like that she’s independent yet cares about her family. I just didn’t click with her at all. It seemed like I barely got to spend time with her. David was much more in this story than she was. She wasn’t in this book very much, which is odd seeing as the book is supposed to be about her and David. As for all the secondary characters, this book introduced a couple of new ones, my favorites being the nephilium Rahund and the werewolf Bobby. I definitely want to read a book about Bobby and Evan, and Rahund as well. Bobby is a sarcastic alpha male who also has been dedicating his life to fighting evil. Sexy, right? And I spent most of the book feeling sorry for Rahund and hoping that he’d get a happy ending (and maybe his own book). I also liked Lila, Tawny’s mom. She reminded me so much of my mother that I just started laughing at things she said or did exactly like my mom. All the characters from previous are still there as well, and are as wonderful as ever.

However, this leads me to a complaint I’ve had consistently. This isn’t romance. It’s a thriller/action book with romantic elements. The blurbs lead you to believe the romance is the big focus, but it’s not. The romance feels thrown in to me, like the author just decided to add it for the hell of it. If you removed Tawny and the romance, this book would still work and you probably wouldn’t notice it was missing, which is a definite indicator that this is more of an action/thriller than a romance. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the action and the fight against evil, it’s just that I was expecting much more focus on the romance, and as the books went on, the romance lessened in each one. On top of that, the main characters, the ones mentioned in the blurb, aren’t the focus either. In this one, poor Tawny got pushed to the side in my mind. David was huge in this book, but aside from the beginning, Tawny wasn’t really in it much. Between all the action, drama, and secondary characters, Tawny and the romance felt like afterthoughts.

All in all, I like the way the story is going, things are getting excited and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. I just think that the blurbs need to be better written and not as misleading as I think they are. I would definitely recommend this series to everyone, it’s a good Halloween read.