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Marked by Grief

Marked by Grief - Caitlin Ricci Week 1
Marked by Grief
By Caitlin Ricci
132 pages according to Goodreads

4 stars

I loved this story! It was Surprisingly uplifting and romantic for a story about dealing with grief.

I loved Kit and Jason. I especially related to Kit since I've been there before, with people telling me to move on and feeling left behind and unwanted. I just wanted to hug him and let him know eventually he'd be okay. I love Jason's character, I was upset that he'd stayed away so long but I understand why he did so. Still didn't like it though. 

The grieving process and the effects an accident like this can have on those evolved was very well written. Most people have a tendency to gloss over it or have their characters quickly move on, but Ms. Ricci did a wonderful job portraying Kit and his grief without dragging down he story or making it depressing. 

Also, I thought using BDSM to help Kit deal with his grief was unusual when I read the blurb, but Ms. Ricci did a wonderful job with it. I especially loved the bit with the tattoo, as it can be very healing and special, which Ms. Ricci showed.

The only thing I didn't like was how short it was. I thought their relationship was a bit fast paced (especially since Kit was a BDSM virgin) and it seemed like Jason might be taking advantage of Kit, which could have been fixed if the book had been longer.

All in all though, this was a moving, wonderful story and I would love to read more about Kit and Jason's relationship.