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Most Wanted

Most Wanted - Shannon West While reading this book, I ran into the same conundrum I always have when reading Ms. West's shifter books. The blurb sounded great, the story held promise, and yet it just didn't deliver. My biggest problem, again, was with the D/s dynamics displayed. There were parts I had to skip because it didn't really comply with the whole, safe, sane and consensual aspect. I mean, there were parts were it seemed like Blayde was trying to erase all of who Ryan was and totally change him into a mindless love slave against his will. And the aspects where Ryan wouldn't be able to leave or say no to Blayne after mating him without it causing him pain...did not like at all. Especially since Blayne didn't mention any of it before mating Ryan. He pretty much duped and trapped Ryan into their mating, and if I were Ryan, it would have taken most of the book to make up for all the crap Blayne kept pulling. And yet, Ryan just let him walk all over him, which didn't jive at all with me. That's not how a true D/s relationship works. And to try to force a 24/7 lifestyle on someone who really isn't a hardcore submissive doesn't work either. I keep hoping that Ms. West's stories will improve, which has been happening with the Dark Hollow series, but now it seems like it's regressed again. This story and this series holds promise, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to stomach reading more. And unfortunately, a few kisses aren't going to be enough to make my stomachache go away.