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The Vegas Shark

The Vegas Shark - Ryan Field This was an okay read at best for me. Not only does the blurb make it sound much better than it is, the timing and pacing of the book doesn't match the blurb. For example, the story pretty much ends the day after his final day as a stripper. Yep, he stays a stripper and performs up until the end of the book. The blurb makes it sound like it's taking months when it takes barely weeks. And the man he was going to marry who betrayed him? They were together a few weeks. And the guy practically screamed douchebag, which made it harder for me to believe he'd actually marry the guy. I was expecting a long time lover who betrayed him, not a con man he barely knew. And the bad boy billionaire? Was barely in the book. And when he was, I was ready for him to be gone. He came off as a total scumbag, and it never seemed like he was in love with Treston. Lust yes, love no. Plus, the only time he redeems himself is right near the end of the book, which ends with a HFN more than a HEA. The book ended abruptly, right as Treston and the billionaire get together. I was waiting to see more of them as a couple, and there wasn't anything. I was very upset by that. I felt like I only got half the story, which made me think that maybe this was a series. Yes, it is a series, but each book features different characters.

So in conclusion, I got a lot of useless or boring scenes that repeated info I already knew, dull sex scenes, and a missing second half of a story. I was highly upset with this book, as Ryan's a good author. This wasn't one of his best though. Heck, it wasn't even one of his averages. I wouldn't recommend this book. If you're looking to try Ryan's work, pick a different book.