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Terra Vonnel and The Skulls of Aries

Terra Vonnel and The Skulls of Aries - D.C. Akers This was an okay book for me. I had a few problems with this book that kept it from being higher than 3 stars. For one, the reader is thrown right into the story, with all sorts of info being thrown at you. If this was set in say modern day New York, that would be okay, since most people have an understanding of the world the story is in. However, this is set in a fantasy world with all sorts of paranormal beings, which requires some world building that is nonexistent. Events and characters are mentioned and then dropped and never explained. You get a taste, but no solution, which got aggravating after a while.

Also, I had a hard time believing this book was okay for kids. There was a lot of detailed violence that seemed unnecessary in a children's book. For kids ages 12 and up maybe.

However, this was a quick read and an interesting adventure, and I will keep my eye out for the second book, and hopefully more info and explanations will be forthcoming.