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Temptation - Lee Brazil 3.5 stars

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

This was a fun short read that I enjoyed. Lake cracked me up. He "freely admit(s) to being shallow, frivolous, and maybe even vain." Yes, he's a model, though he is slightly different than your typical model, which I really liked. Lake didn't try to pretend to be someone else, he admitted his faults, and I loved getting to hear his thoughts. He's hysterical, and out of all of Lee's characters, he's one of my favorites.

I also liked the sex and the timing. They three characters didn't just jump straight into having menage sex. Yes, the book starts with sex between two of the characters, but they didn't all have sex together till later on in the book, and a few weeks later timewise. And when they did get together? H-O-T, HOT!

My biggest problem with the story was the lack of different POVs. There are 3 characters in the relationship, but we only get Lake's POV. I would have loved to see Solomon's or Adonis' POVs, so I could better understand their motivations and reasons. Those two remained mostly a mystery because of this, and I was left wondering why they did what they did.

Also, Lake was a bit of a drama queen. However, I understand his insecurities, so I think he had an excuse to be all angsty, but he was over the top at times, and I'm amazed Sol and Adonis stuck with him. This is when I would have loved to see their POVs so that I could understand why they practically let him get away with murder.

All in all though, this was a great short read that I would highly recommend.