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Roman's Silent Mate

Roman's Silent Mate - Sydney Lain I was interested in this book, but then it took a weird turn for me with Micah's powers, and then the book ended a bit abruptly. I was left with questions about the main characters and their relationship, so I'm hoping they are answered in the next book. Plus the "solution" to their problems seemed rushed and short-term, and may become a problem in a future book (foreseeing that now...). I was left feeling much cooler towards this series. I was all gung-ho to read all 4 books, and now I'm debating if I want to read the next one. I'll probably end up reading it eventually, if only to get some more answers but for now, I'm done with the series.

On a complete side note, the bloopers. Roman has been in the human world 500 years, not 50 as the blurb states. Plus there were some further inconsistencies in the story, though they weren't very bad, just noticeable.