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Puppy Love

Puppy Love - Jeff Erno I actually ended up reading the third book first so when I went back and read how it all began, I really hated Matt. He was a huge jerk in this book and makes me wonder why the hell Petey would stick with him. But that’s love for you.

Anyway, this book provides an interesting look into the relationship between Matt and Petey as they experiment with the D/s lifestyle. I enjoyed not just this book but this series. I would recommend it for pretty much everyone. It’s not too hardcore (i.e. lots of beatings, bondage, etc.) but it does have some more…unusual aspects (i.e. piss drinking) that might gross some people out. And contrary to what you might think based on the title, the book isn’t all about puppy play. Pup is used as Petey’s nickname and a term of endearment, not as a part of puppy play.

The only thing that put me off is the continued usage of the word “fag” by Matt when referring to Petey, Drew, and gay people in general (but not himself as he’s “bi”). It made me feel like he was putting gay people down while he was in love with a man. Double standard much? And Matt is over the top at times, trying way too hard to be a Dom and coming off as a bit of a pretender, but like I said, this is about the two experimenting with the lifestyle and Matt does get much better in the later books, so it does get better. I also don't like Matt's infidelity, but as I said, it gets better. Anyways, the book was overall really good as was the series and I would recommend both to most readers, from those who are interested in the lifestyle to those who love BDSM novels to even those who are new to it. I'd give this book 3.5-4 stars.