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Sacrificial Sex

Sacrificial Sex - Laura Tolomei Though it has an interesting premise, the book is extremely confusing. It starts out with what the blurb says but then diverges into a huge conspiracy, talking about intergalactic alliances, incest between Rowen and his sister and m/f scenes I wasn't expecting...I stopped reading here and skipped to the end to try and find out what the heck happened, only to have the book end on a huge cliffhanger with no sign of a sequel. The book started out well and I admired the author's attempt, but this story got way out of control and went off on so many different tangents that I feel like I'm reading a different book than the one I bought based off the blurb. I was sorely disappointed by this and wish I hadn't wasted my time or money.

I'm kind of leery of reading this author's books now since this one was so different and not at all what i was expecting, but others of her books have really high ratings and people saying wonderful things about them, so if you want to try this author out, pick a different book than this one.