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Fire and Fang

Fire and Fang - Eden Cole This sounded like an awesome story and I have enjoyed other shifter stories by Eden Cole, so I figured I would love this one, especially since it featured dragon shifters. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. I just couldn’t get into this story. One of my biggest problems? The fact that the four main characters don’t all get along with each other. I mean, there’s no affection whatsoever between Matt, and Jax and Parker. The only person they all have sex with or show any real affection to is Brody. Jax and Parker get along as friends but even they don’t really show caring about each other. And I know that just because you all care about the same person doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with the others, but at the least you’d think they’d care about each other and eventually feel some affection for each other. The only reason Jax and Parker put up with Matt is because Brody makes them. What the heck? Would it kill them to show some affection for each other? I’m not saying they have to have sex, but couldn’t they at least, I don’t know, hug? Complement each other? Act like they like each other?

Second, Jax and Parker made Brody’s life miserable as kids and try to force him to mate. Brody runs and then the second they show up again he goes back with them? The only way he really stands up to them is by telling them they have to put up with Matt. And I don’t know about anyone else, but if two guys made me miserable throughout my childhood and pulled the crap Jax and Parker did to Brody on me, I would definitely make them do some begging and groveling for forgiveness before even thinking about mating them, yet Brody does it just because it’s his duty?? Really? First he runs away and now he wants to do his duty and mate them? Seems to me like a bit of a double standard or hypocrisy. Maybe that’s just me being cynical, but I think that’s highly unrealistic.

Third, what was up with the chameleon attack? It came out of nowhere, no warning, nada and did little for the story. I had a WTF? moment where I felt like I was reading something that belonged in a different story. I know it had been mentioned that Jax and Parker were fighters, but we hadn’t seen anything at all about that then, BLAM! Out of nowhere a convenient chameleon attack! At first I thought it would be a way for Matt to be accepted into the dragon community but nope. The only thing that occurs is Matt, Jax, and Parker get along and work together long enough to help Brody which I thought could have been achieved much more easily and in line with the story.

Anyways, those were three of my biggest problems with the story. There were a few others, but those were the big ones. All in all though, the story was decent. I was disappointed though because I know Ms. Cole can do much better than that and I have come to expect great things from here and this one just didn’t cut it. A decent, short, one time read if you’re looking for one, but if you’re looking for something more substantial and worth rereading, this one isn’t for you.