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Treacherous Sun

Treacherous Sun - Jade Archer I loved this! It was unusual and an enjoyable read. It was unusual and while yes the names were reminiscent of actual angels and demons, I thought it was kind of creative how the author found new and interesting ways of spelling the names, though at times it did become a little distracting and interrupt the flow of reading due to the unusual natures of the names.

Another complaint I saw some people had that I'd like to address was about Lusaffar calling Mykel "pigeon" even after they got together. I know some saw it as a continued insult but to me, it sounds like a form of endearment. I once dated a guy and our relationship was a lot like Lus and Mykel's. Suffice to say, my fave term for him was jackass and eventually that became one of my terms of endearment for him and he thought it was hysterical. He told me that to him it matched my "witty and at times sarcastic" personality that he fell in love with. So to me, it wasn't necessarily a continued insult but one of those inside jokes couples have. At least, in my mind that's how I see it.

Another thing that bugged me was the, in my mind, HUGE cliffhanger!! I really want to know the answers to the big questions still remaining. What did happen to their planet/sun? Was it caused by someone? And who did destroy the fireflowers? And just who is trying to take out the Nu Hayven? And what exactly is Gayebreel?

Anyways, this was an enjoyable read and I cannot wait for the second book. A wonderful sci-fi angel read and a job well done Ms. Archer.