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In the Red

In the Red - Kari Gregg 4.5 stars

An enjoyable read that I absolutely loved!

First the characters. Brian and Zach are wonderful. I'm in love with both of them right now. Zach is the perfect Dom for Brian, and I loved reading about all that Zach did to overcome Brian's fears and show him that there's still life out there for him and safety. All I know is if I ever need to be protected by the government, send me a Zach. Preferably straight though. Or with another gay partner. Yeah, two gay studs works for me. And Brian is so lovable and at the same time freaking aggravating. I kept switching between wanting to smack him and wanting to cuddle him and wrap him in cotton to protect him from the world. He starts out so broken, but you keep getting glimpses of who Brian used to be, and leaves hope for his future recovery with the help of Zach.

As for the sex, it was well done. I loved how the author didn't make the kink all about sex though. For example, Zach ordering Brian to strip and kneel by him and hand feeding Brian in order to get him to eat. Using the lifestyle to help heal Brian was an ingenious and risky idea and Ms. Gregg did a wonderful job pulling it off.

All in all, the story was excellent. It was kinky, moving, and with a dash of danger and suspense, what more can a gal ask for? I would highly recommend this and can't wait for the sequel!!