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How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon: A Guide for Independent Authors and Sellers

How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon: A Guide for Independent Authors and Sellers - Theo Rogers *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

This was a very interesting book. The author was very knowledgeable about the subject of reviewing (he's a big Amazon reviewer as well), and he's a good writer as well. The only problem I had with it was that he came off as a bit too intense at times. As a reviewer myself, it was a bit much and over the top at times. Other than that, this was a great book, with lots of helpful tips, not only for authors, but also for reviewers as well. This book is meant as a glimpse into the mind of reviewers, but it also worked in reverse and lets reviewers know what to do when writing their review (i.e. what people and authors are looking for, good or bad). Plus, he shared lots of info about the ranking system, how to get your reviews seen, etc.

All in all, this was a quick read, and a very helpful one. I would definitely recommend this not only to writers, but also to reviewers, especially those who are just starting out and need some tips on how to write good reviews.