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Keeping House

Keeping House - Lee Brazil 3.75 stars

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was a good short story and set up the rest of the series. My main complaint was that the book was too short. The story felt rushed (you go from the bet to they're adopting a son in less than 90 pages?! That's a bit too rushed) , and stretches of time and details were either skipped or didn't go very into depth. I would have loved to read more and seen the relationship happen a bit more...realistically timewise. Also, I was expecting more hijinks/comedic accidents due to the blurb, but Mischa acts like he's been doing these types of chores for years! I don't care how much searching you do on the internet, you're bound to make mistakes. Mischa has one the entire book. That's not very realistic.

Anyways, aside from the complaints, I did greatly enjoy this book and cannot wait to read the rest of the series!