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Tests of Worth

Tests of Worth - Holly Meadowes I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting premise and fun to read. That being said, the whole time while reading it, I kept thinking that the author had taken elements from the manga Naruto. Names, places, people, all sorts of things seemed to come from that manga. Now, I’m not a big believer in coincidences, especially when you keep having multiple ones in a row. Now, I might not normally have a problem with this, but there was no mention of it. No “this comes from” or “I was inspired by”. Nada. As a fan of the manga, I was able to find many similarities, but if I didn’t read the manga, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it. But it felt a bit like plagiarism to me and that did limit my enjoyment, since the whole time I just kept seeing how it was similar to Naruto and how it seemed to steal from it.

Also, I thought it was short. It was a nice length but I wanted to see more of the couple. I’m hoping for a sequel so we get to see what Serywn is like as a prince of the Fire Country and now that he’s married to Micheil. All in all, Ms. Meadowes seems like a good writer and I’m interested in her future books. I would like to know however, about the similarities between this book and Naruto. I hope it wasn’t plagiarized, but now that I think back on it, I just see more and more similarities, which definitely lowered the rating for me. I would recommend this book and let me know if you read Naruto and this book, tell me if you think they’re very similar. Cause I definitely do.