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A Shot at Forgiveness

A Shot at Forgiveness - Cardeno C. This was an okay story for me. I liked the premise, but I wasn't such a fan of the delivery. For one, I was bullied very badly growing up, like Rafi was. And I know for a fact, that if one of my biggest bulliers showed up like Isaac, I would not forgive him that easily and let him become that involved in my life in such a short period of time. It would take weeks, months, maybe even years to be able to trust them so deeply. And for Rafi to pretty much go from hating his guts to wanting to spend eternity with him in a week is ridiculous and far-fetched.

I think the story could have been so much better if it'd been expanded, if Rafi had actually talked in detail about his issues with Isaac and the past, instead of just dismissing them, if we got to see how Isaac's teammates reacted to the news that Isaac is gay, and if there was an actual conflict of some kind. This seemed more like an edited, beginning of a story than just an actual story, though it is a short story for a collection, so it couldn't be novel length. However, the story could have been easily improved with the addition of just a few pages or so.

Anyways, this was a fairy tale type story, where everything works out fine in the end and nothing goes wrong. If you want to read that kind of story, go on ahead and give this book a try, you might like it. As for me, this was an okay read, but not something I'll read again.